Antenna and RF Testing Services


ARA offers a wide range of Test Services for your Antenna needs. ARA / Seavey operates multiple outdoor test ranges in Pembroke, MA, in addition to several indoor anechoic chambers. The outdoor ranges are equipped with heavy equipment to suit your every need. ARA has forkliftscrane services and man-lifts at its disposal to suit your antenna size and weights.  For all anechoic and outdoor test ranges, complete antenna measurement instrumentation is available for conducting all standard tests up to 40 GHz.  In general, all antenna testing is conducted in accordance with ANS / IEEE Std. 149-1979 “Standard Test Procedures for Antennas.” Contact ARA for measuring Radiation Patterns, Phase Patterns, Antenna Gain, Return Loss, Insertion Loss and Impedance parameters.

Radome and Dielectric Materials Testing

ARA can test your Radomes and radome materials (half-wave, thin, A- and C- sanwich and other wall designs). Ground radomes up to 12-feet in diameter and ogive-shaped airborne radomes of 30 inch base diameter and 6-foot length have been tested. Special test fixtures are fabricated as necessary. In general, radome tests are conducted in accordance with Aerospace Industries Association Document ARTC-4 ‘Electrical Test Procedures for Radomes and Radome Materials,” or equivalent. Contact ARA for measuring Dialectic Constant, Loss Tangent, Transmission Coefficient, Insertion phase delay, Reflection, Pattern Degradation (Sidelobes, gain and Cross-Pol) and Boresight Error and Error rate.)

Antenna Calibrations/Re-Calibrations

Individually calibrated antennas are supplied with actual performance factor data and a signed certificate of conformance attesting to the authenticity of the calibration data. Calibrations are made using the Reference Antenna Method (RAM) and the Standard Site Method (SSM, also known as the Three Antenna Method), both of which are described in ANSI standard C63.5. We recommend annual re-calibrations for reliable testing.

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