Surveillance and Spectrum Management


ARA has RF solutions for mobile, man portable and fixed site applications for electronic warfare and ISR missions. Our systems include receive only omni RF systems, RF intercept solutions, broadband omni antennas, directional antennas for tactical deployments, and multioctave band horn antennas.

Extremely broadband SAS or ADC series antennas are small in size. These antennas are designed specifically for accurate measurement of the electric field intensity. Integral active networks provide outstanding performance over the entire frequency range of operation. This is performance normally associated with full-scale antennas many times larger.

Select a Broadband VBA series antenna when directivity or gain at the horizon is important. These antennas need not be mounted on a ground plane.  All VBA series antennas are intended for all-weather applications.

Our CMA-5100/A and CMA-5240, Broadband antennas, collapse into a small portable package. Both antennas are ideally suited for extremely fast deployment in the field and other tactical applications. The CMA-5100/A and CMA-5240 in particular provide excellent coverage at and around the horizon when mounted on a mast.

For E-field measurements at the low end of the RF spectrum (1 Khz to 200 Mhz) and when antenna sensitivity is critical over a broad frequency range and no suitable ground plane is available, our ADA-120/101 antenna is your best choice. ADA-120 is a relatively small antenna, easy to transport and deploy.

For H-field measurements at the very low end of the spectrum (VLF to VHF), select a BBH series antenna. BBH series antennas are small in size but highly sensitive over a broad frequency range.

We integrate our extremely broadband E-field and H-field active antennas for these highly versatile RF intercept systems. Our ARA Series antenna systems are broadband RF signal intercept systems covering the frequency range from 10kHz to 18GHz. These antennas are designed for semi-permanent, permanent, and for tactical radio monitoring applications.

The BSB series antennas are ideally suited for reception of signals on the horizon for nautical applications. The slant linear polarization of the BSB series broadband antennas makes them suitable for receiving vertical, horizontal, and circularly polarized signals.

Tactical Lightweight Log Periodic Antennas  minimize the time required to deploy and store the antenna in the field, without tools. All elements are spring loaded and/or tethered to ensure assembly and teardown quickly.

Most tactical Log Periodic Antennas collapse into small, easy to carry dielectric tubes which are used for mounting, storage and transportation. The center mount is designed for either polarization (vertical or horizontal).

For tactical Broadband High Gain requirements, review our CPRA series and CPDA series collapsible reflector antennas including CPRA-118 and CPDA-0140 antennas. Typical sizes include 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft collapsible dishes, additional sizes available.

The DRG Series horns are linearly polarized antennas, ideally suited for broadband RF intercept applications.

The dual polarized QRG series antennas are provided with two orthogonally placed connectors capable of receiving simultaneous vertical and horizontal polarizations. Hybrid/Switch assemblies and remote switch control units are available for selecting RHCP, LHCP, vertical and horizontal polarizations.


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