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ARA offers both outdoor far field range services and indoor anechoic chambers at all of its locations. Outdoor ranges vary from 5,000 ft, 1250 ft, to 300 ft. ARA has forklifts, crane services, and man-lifts to suit your antenna size and weights. Complete RF measurement instrumentation is available for conducting all standard tests up to 40 GHz. RF testing is conducted in accordance with ANS / IEEE Std. 149-1979 “Standard Test Procedures for Antennas.”

RADAR Cross Section Instrumentation Antennas

Antennas for demanding Radar Cross Section measurement systems are available for ground, helicopter and AEROSAT environments. All RCS instrumentation antennas are designed to handle substantial peak RF power levels over wide frequency bandwidths with minimum ringing. All of ARA’s reflectors are fabricated from accurate, lightweight and rigid epoxy-graphite honeycomb material.

Antenna Test Range Sources, Near Field Probes, Calibration Standards and Compact Range Illuminators

ARA offers a set of modular source (i.e. generally transmitting) antennas for far-field test ranges. Two-foot and six-foot reflector diameters are standard; both have provisions for mounting pre-focused and interchangeable wave guide-bandwidth linear, dual and circular polarized feeds.

We also offer two types of ultra-bandwidth (1-18 GHz) source antennas. The first one being a remotely controlled linearly polarized antenna and the second one has a dual polarized feed, for conducting swept axial ratio measurements.

A full set of compact range illuminators, covering 1 to 100 GHz, provide controlled phase centers and excellent cross-polarizations required for these applications.

Also available, SGA Series standard gain horns and Calibration Standards and NBP Series near field probes for near field test ranges.

High-Field EMC Test Antennas

An innovative antenna system is offered for performing very high field strength Electromagnetic Compatibility and Susceptibility testing. Field strengths up to several kilovolts per meter can be generated in a compact laboratory environment using moderate power RF sources.

EMC Test Antennas

ARA offers over 50 years of experience in the development of state-of-the-art products for full compliance and pre-compliance EMC testing. Our EMC test antennas, from 100 Hz to 40 GHz, are individually calibrated for accurate measurement of electric and magnetic fields. All antennas are supplied with actual performance factor data and signed Certificated of Conformance.


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