At ARA we offer five different types of array antennas for high gain application. Our specialties are Box Horn Arrays or BHA Series antennas, which are mentioned below.

B0x Horn Arrays

Our BHA Series “BOXHORN” is a type of high gain flat plate array antenna that utilizes our patented design for feeding waveguide array antennas, for broad bandwidth performance. Unlike most other designs, the antenna bandwidth limit of a “BOXHORN” array is determined by the bandwidth of an array element and not by the waveguide function. Another innovative design technique (patent # 6034647 and 2283527) halves the requisite number of array elements through the use of “BOXHORN” – style radiators. This greatly simplifies the array design and construction and it reduces the overall
thickness of the flat antenna array. More than seventy separate designs are available at frequencies from 3.6 to 40 GHz.

BAA Series “BOXHORN” type antennas that include multiple
panels of single-panel arrays for larger radiating apertures
and significantly higher RF power gains. These panels are
connected by external waveguide power combiners. Since the
single panel arrays are uniformly excited, the radiation patterns
of the higher gain BAA Series panel arrays are those of a larger
uniformly excited aperture. Polarization is linear and the first
sidelobes are at least 13dB down.

TTP Series Transmission-type polarization rotators are available for arrays when placed over the flat-plat arrays, these polarizers will rotate or twist the plane of polarization. Polarization rotators are available for fixed polarization rotation or variable polarization rotation.

“Normal Beam” Flat Antenna Arrays

The RDA, BHA and BAA Series arrays provide a “Normal Beam” radiation pattern where the main beam is accurately perpendicular (normal) to the face of the array and to the rear mounting surface.

TWA and TAA Series “Traveling Wave” Flat Antenna Arrays

These antennas have their main beam located at an angle to the normal position of the array aperture. The resulting radiation is polarized in the plane orthogonal to the beam tilt. TTP Series polarization rotators are available to rotate the polarization to another plane. The beam tilt changes with frequency in these arrays (useful in frequency-scanning radars and other similar applications).

Low Profile and High Gain Flat Array Antennas

  • Satellite-User equipment
  • VHF/UHF Leo Users
  • Remote Sensing and Imagery Systems
  • Communication, Base Stations
  • Wireless LAN, Data Subscriber and ISM/NII applications
  • RFID Readers and Tags
  • Radar Systems
  • Military and Commercial GPS Systems

 Marine Radar and Perimeter Surveillance Antennas

  • Marine Radar Systems applications
  • Perimeter Surveillance applications

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