ARA has a wide range of horns available for RF systems requiring low to medium gain directional antennas. Feed horns are available for use in frequency bands from 100MHz to 100GHz. They may be linear or circularly polarized with either single or dual ports. ScalarRidgedGridPyramidalLensedConicalDiagonal and Shaped Beam horns are available.

Special hybrid designs & several standard horn antennas are optimized for specific applications including:

  • Flight Line Test Chambers
  • Near Field Probes
  • RADAR Systems
  • Antenna Measurement, Gain Standards, Calibration & EMC Testing
  • RCS Measurements
  • Illuminator (Feeds) For Compact Ranges

Broadband Horns

Broadband Horns have instantaneous bandwidths exceeding a standard waveguide band.

Linearly Polarized Horns

ARA’s DRG Series broadband horns are linearly polarized antennas.  DRG Series horn antennas cover the 200 MHz to 40 GHz frequency band in overlapping ranges.

Dual Polarized Horns

The QRG Series antennas are the dual polarized counterparts to the DRG series linearly polarized horns. These horns are provided with two orthogonally placed connectors capable of receiving simultaneous vertical and horizontal polarizations. Hybrid/Switch assemblies and remote switch control units are available for selecting RHCP LHCP, vertical and horizontal polarizations.

Shaped Beam Horns

Our Shaped Beam Broadband Horns having asymmetrical beamwidths, controlled radiation characteristics or near constant beamwidths over large frequency ranges are available for direction finding and other applications.


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