Log Periodic


Linearly Polarized (LPD, LPV, and LPA Series)

Our LPD, LPV, and LPA series of antennas are linearly polarized medium gain, log periodic antennas for broadband applications.

The “V” configuration LPV Series log periodic antennas give greater power gain than that obtainable with a planar log-periodic antenna of the same length and taper.  These antennas also provide symmetric beams in the field planes and can be used as feeds for reflectors.

LPA Series antennas are high gain arrays comprised of two or more linearly polarized log periodic elements. Array antennas operating below 400 MHz are packaged in a kit form to be compact and facilitate ease of transportation.

Dual Polarized (LPC, LCV, LCA Series)

The LPC, LCV, and LCA series of antennas have two orthogonal linear polarizations (H & V) and these antennas and are supplied with two output connectors.

Our LCV Series pyramidal shaped log periodic antennas are dual linearly polarized versions of our LPV series linearly polarized antennas. LCV antennas can be used as broadband dual polarized feeds for reflectors with F/D ratios in the 0.4 to 0.55 range.

LCA series high gain arrays include two or more dual polarized log periodic antenna elements.

All dual polarized antennas may be supplied with a compatible hybrid to receive/transmit circularly polarized signals. Switch assemblies and switch control units are available for use with LPC antennas to select the desired polarization.

Collapsible Log Periodic Antennas

Log periodic antennas operating in HF and VHF bands can be relatively large structures. ARA’s LPD antennas operating below 300MHz are designed to collapse into smaller sections for mobile and semi-permanent applications. Additionally, several foldable and lightweight log periodic antennas are available for military and tactical applications when time is critical in deploying and storing the antenna. These antennas can be very easily assembled and disassembled in the field with minimal or no tools.

Hybrid Log Period Antennas

ARA was the first to develop a biconal – log periodic antenna. This hybrid antenna extends the lower frequency of the log periodic to perform in a compact space with excellent propagation characteristics.


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