Positioners and Rotators


ARA offers an ever-expanding line of positioning systems designed to satisfy the most demanding applications, including integrated antenna systems and RF systems.

Our dual loop feedback system provides precise speed and positioning capability.

To simplify integration of ARA positioning systems, the User Interface and command structure remain very similar across the entire line of positioning systems. Digital remote controllers and positioners have been qualified to military standards for environmental testing and for EMI/RFI requirements.

ARA positioning systems have been used successfully in both military and civilian systems and are successfully installed in ground- based, shipboard and airborne applications.

The ARA Positioning Systems product line is subdivided into following categories:

  1. Single Axis Positioners
  2. Elevation over Azimuth Positioners
  3. Azimuth over Elevation Positioners
  4. Position Controllers
  5. Positioning System for Mobile Satcom Terminals
  6. Trimming positioners for point-to-point link management

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