Product Description

The ARP-90L Single Axis Rotator provides from -100° to +100° of antenna rotation. Designed for reliable operation on aircraft with severe vibration and low temperature environments, the ARP-90L rotator uses low temperature range custom made brushless servo motors. Precise absolute position feedback is accomplished via a rugged, low temperature resolver which is read by the digital control system.
The ARP-90L is made from stainless steel and aluminum with clear anodized and gold iridited finish. Interconnect cables are Teflon, the connectors and backshells are D38999 Series IV suitable for high vibration aircraft use.
Control of the ARP-90L is easily managed by the ACU-3D-12-AV Antenna Controller, shown in the photo below. The separate controller can be rack mounted remotely from the ARP-90L to facilitate integration with customers system. The ACU-3D-12-AV Controller can be controlled Locally using Front Panel controls or Remotely via Serial Interface (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) using simple, well defined commands.

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