The CPRA-118/C41MRP is a collapsible, lightweight composite, parabolic reflector antenna designed to transmit or receive in the frequency range from 1.0 to 18.0 GHz. The antenna is supplied with an LPD-118/A feed antenna. The MRP Manual Rotator for Polarization allows the feed to be rotated for either H or V polarization. The parabolic reflector serves to enhance the front-to-back ratio of the radiation pattern, as well as to increase the forward gain over a narrow beam. The CPRA-118/C41MRP has a six-piece set of composite reflector panels and a center hub panel.
The CPRA-118/C41MRP model can be provided with different mounting options. Tripods with or without pan/tilt head and telescopic masts are available. Additionally, the CPRA-118/C41MRP can be provided with our high end products; such as EL/AZ Positioning system with Controller; Azimuth rotator with Controller; Polarization Rotator with Controller. The entire antenna with mounting mechanism and tripod fits into a fiberglass case for storage and transport. Assembly and erection of the antenna is accomplished with no tools.

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