Product Description

The DRG series broadband horns are linearly polarized antennas. These horns are ideally suited for broadband RF intercept and medium to high power transmit applications such as EMC testing, direction finding, surveillance, antenna gain and pattern measurements among others. DRG horn antennas cover the 200 MHz to 40 GHz frequency band in overlapping ranges. These horn antennas show the following characteristics: high gain, uniform E and H plane patterns over multi-octave bandwidths, low VSWR and the advantage of small size and light weight. DRG horns designed to handle high RF input power levels are ideally suited for applications where large EIRP is required over a broad frequency range.

aka DRG-041/1

At a Glance:
Frequency 400-1000MHz
Gain 12.8-19.2
Polarization Linear
Power Handling 3000
Size 49.5 in long X 50.6 in high X 37.5 in wide
Typical Applications Test and Measurement / EMC, Direction Finding, Surveillance/Spectrum Management

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High (>10)

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