The EAR/EAP-1000-SYS consists of the Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioner, controller (ACU-3D-24) and cables required for power and control of the positioner.
The load capacity of the system is 1000 lbs with a 5g vertical shock rating. It is designed to meet Mil-STD-810E and will provide reliable operation in outdoor environments.
Versions provide either continuous (EAR) or up to 400 degrees (EAP) of motion in the azimuth axis. Utilizing an advanced digital motion control system it provides accurate, simultaneous motion in both axis using brushless servo motors with resolvers, 15 bit absolute encoders, high quality gearing and precision mechanical components. Ideally suited for communication, Radar, tracking or EW applications.
The control unit comes standard with many useful functions and diagnostics. It can be controlled locally using front panel controls or remotely via serial Interface (RS-232, 422, 485 or Ethernet) using simple, well defined commands. The controller is suitable for rack mounting and is designed to meet Mil-STD-810E for indoor operation and MIL-STD-461E depending on the application.

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