The EAR-600B consists of an Elevation-over-Azimuth Positioner (EAR-600B), controller (ACU-3D-24) and cables required for power and control of the positioner.

The positioner is suitable for installations requiring up to a 4.3 meter antenna, weighing up to 600 lbs that must fit inside an 18 foot radome. The entire configuration of the EAR -600B has been designed to facilitate this type of application. The elevation is a yoke configuration that allows mounting the antenna as close to the center of rotation as possible. The azimuth structure is configured to allow installation of slip rings and rotary joints along with a 6.00 inch diameter hole for the waveguide path to the elevation mechanism.

The control unit can be remotely located to facilitate integration with the end user’s system. It features a fully digital motion control architecture that is very accurate, dependable and easily customized for specific applications. The front panel interface provides a simple, intuitive method for commanding the positioner and there is a well defined interface for remote control from the host system. There is also an optional GUI that runs on a Windows computer that can control the positioner.

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