lpd-310-a antenna



The LPD-310A is a log periodic antenna (LPD product line) 6 dBi, 1000W CW, detachable elements, 200″ x 145″ assembled.

Our LPD series antennas are linearly polarized medium gain, log periodic antennas for broadband applications. The LPD’s high quality aluminum construction with all stainless steel hardware results in lightweight and high strength antennas for fixed, mobile and Surveillance and Spectrum Management, Jamming systems.

Also available are low-profile LPD’s constructed on copperclad dielectric material. These antennas exhibit the same performance as our other antennas, but provide a cost effective solution for low power transmit and receive-only applications.

LPD series antennas intended for Surveillance and Spectrum Management, Jamming applications are designed for quick assembly and disassembly in the field, with minimal or no tools.

PDF Product Datasheet

At a Glance:
Frequency 30-300MHz
Polarization Linear
Typical Applications Military Communications, Test and Measurement/EMC,

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