The WDA-1220-1 Series antenna is a single band, omni- directional, vehicular-mounted WNW antenna. The antenna has been designed for optimum gain from 1200 MHz to 2000 MHz. The gain has been tuned for 0° to 10° in elevation and azimuthal variations are ±1 dB. The low SWR ensures maximum power transfer to the antenna elements and minimal antenna heating at the tested 125 Watts CW.
This antenna is a fully qualified, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS), TRL-7 (Technology Readiness Level) antenna. The rugged design has also passed the Oak Beam Test; this rigorous test involves 25 oak beam strikes to the mid point of the antenna at 25 miles per hour.
The WDA-1220-1D is an antenna with an aluminum mount for excellent electrical bonding to a standard vehicular NATO mount. The WDA-1220-1C is equipped with a thermoset epoxy base with an isolation of greater than 50 kv.

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