Broadband Horn Feeds

DSF and Q1F series of ridged horn antennas are designed for use as broadband feeds in reflector antennas. These feeds have closely controlled phase center for good focusing in parabolic reflectors. While the performance of a DSF or a Q1F feed is optimized for a specific F/D of a parabolic reflector or the shape of a reflector, these compact horns can be used as feeds for most reflectors. DSF series linearly polarized feeds are rotatable for adjusting polarization and these feeds are interchangeable for use with the same reflector.

All horn feeds are fully sealed with aperture windows or have protected feed areas. They are also ideally suited for applications requiring low gain and high power, but broadband, directional antennas.

Broadband Log Periodic Feeds

LPF series feeds are linearly polarized, medium gain, log periodic feeds for broadband application.

LPC series feeds comprise of two planar log periodic structures that are perpendicular to each other on a common axis.

Dual Linearly Polarized LCV series pyramidal shaped log periodic antennas can be used as broadband feeds for reflectors with F/D ratios in the 0.4 to 0.55 range. The short length of LCV feeds restrict the movement of the active region as a function of frequency to a relatively small volume.

Standard LPC and LCV feeds have two orthogonal linear polarizations (H & V) and are supplied with two output connectors. Optional hybrids can be supplied to provide dual circular polarizations (RHCP & LHCP). Switch assemblies and switch control units are available for use with LPC and LCV feeds to select the desired polarization.


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