Multiband Feed and Antenna SATCOM Series

January 21, 2021

Multiband SATCOM Series

With the increase of satellite networks being deployed, along with the rollout of 5G networks, there is high demand for ground stations to command, control, and monitor. The need for ground station antennas is increasing while the budgets for their real estate and maintenance are staying stagnant. ARA offers a wide variety of advanced multiband feeds and positioner systems to deliver antenna solutions that can replace multiple antenna systems. A multiband feed can provide added capacity to a single reflector aperture when budgets and real estate are constrained. A multiband feed will add frequency and polarization agility to a single antenna, reducing the need for additional site expansion. Many existing reflectors and sites can be upgraded with a multiband feed with a minor investment. ARA is proud to offer a variety of multiband feeds as well as integrated systems including the reflector, pedestal, positioner, and controller. The SATCOM Multiband Feed Data Sheet is an example of a few of the products offered.