U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (Wright Patterson Air Force Base) Awards $27 Million Contract for Resistive Films

January 17, 2024

Billerica, MA… January 16, 2024 - Antenna Research Associates (ARA), was recently awarded a $26.7 million Congressional Interest Item, STRATFI, Phase IIB contract modification from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in Ohio and funds from the state of Missouri to Mature the Digital Resistive Film Manufacturing Process. The program supports the growing market demand and accelerates the technology transition to deliver a portfolio of flexible hybrid electronic resistive films solutions for DoD and commercial applications.

In partnership with Missouri State University’s Jordan Valley Innovation Center, ARA will rapidly mature the industrial systems to manufacture a wide array of standard and on-demand resistive films products tailored to meet customer needs at production quantities. ARA’s digital approach will enable rapid prototyping of standardized and customized films with complex designs and stringent tolerances and affords the capability to quickly transition from prototype to production demands.

"We are eager to expand our capabilities in the additive manufacturing space," noted Logen Thiran, President & CEO of Antenna Research Associates. "This award recognizes the growing demand for resistive film products, and ARA's unique approach that delivers a wide range of solutions for both DOD and the commercial market."

Dr. Allen Kunkel, Missouri State University’s Associate Vice President for Economic Development and the Director for Jordan Valley Innovation Center, shares ARA’s enthusiasm. “We look forward to working with Antenna Research Associates on accelerating flexible hybrid electronic resistive films and advancing workforce development in the additive manufacturing arena.”

For more than 15 years, SI2 Technologies, a company acquired by ARA in 2022, has demonstrated the performance potential across a range of product forms to produce tailored, scalable, accurate, and precise Resistive Film products using a Direct Write approach (digital inkjet technology). In June 2020, the first commercial resistive film product, VersaR-Print, was released in limited quantities and formats.

This effort accelerates the manufacturing maturation and commercialization to enable ARA to deliver a portfolio of resistive films products, help grow the nation’s manufacturing pipeline, secure domestic supply chains, and provide education, workforce development and training in the additive manufacturing arena.


In June 2020, the company's first commercial resistive film product, VersaR-Print, was released in limited quantities and formats

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