Antennas and Antenna Systems

ARA focuses on SWAP-C optimization whether it be a simple communications antenna or data link to a more sophisticated SMARTER antenna and counter IED type application. Types of antennas include wide band, low profile and conformal in addition to standard configurations such as blade antennas.

Scalable AESA & Active and Electronically Scanned Solutions

ARA provides high-power, low profile wide band antenna systems that deliver exceptional scan performance and can fit into certain footprints in applications constrained for space, weight and power. It’s also lightweight capable of emitting multiple beams at different frequencies.

Electronic Warfare Signal Mitigation

ARA offers a wide range of digital printing technology that enables agile tailorable signal mitigation products such as R-Cards and FSS (Frequency Selective Surfaces) and honeycomb core – these can be put on singly and doubly curved surfaces and embedded into structures constrained for SWaP.


Unique Positioner Systems

Highly accurate and digitally controlled and used to position large apertures from arrays and active electronically scanned arrays to dish antennas.

ISR Pods

ARA produces intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance pods. These are low cost pods based upon custom RF and digital electronics modules that integrate custom digital RF electronic modules with a number of our antennas and arrays to provide functions ranging from direction-finding to various intelligence/spectrum monitoring activities including onboard digital signal processing in the appropriate embedded software to perform. These systems are also based upon our modular open system architecture.

Hypersonic RF Solutions

ARA designed, fabricates, and tests antennas operating over S-band from 2200 to 2400 MHz and GPS L1/L2 for Hypersonic test vehicles. Antennas were CP and incorporated thermal protection systems for operation in high-temperature environments.

ARA also has expertise in antenna miniaturization techniques for low profile, conformal, multifunction antenna assemblies. Through our Direct Write Manufacturing process, ARA also developed an S-band fixed radiation pattern array (FRPA) with an integrated radio transceiver.