Antenna Research Associates (ARA) Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

May 3, 2023

Antenna Research Associates (ARA) today announced its 60th anniversary. Founded in 1963, the company has decades of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing antennas and RF systems for both military and civilian applications across a multitude of industries including: Communication Networks, Unmanned Air Systems SATCOM, RADAR, RF Surveillance and Jamming for Electronic Warfare, Spectrum Operations and Border Patrol, Public Safety Networks, and Civilian markets.

ARA has undergone a remarkable evolution since its inception. What began as an RF communications antenna business has grown to become an industry leader with cross market capabilities, a fleet of new innovations, and a team that boasts over 50 patents for unique solutions to both civilian and military challenges.

Innovations like Saterra and AN/PRS11 highlight the agile, high-quality solutions ARA develops. A very small aperture terminal with the unique ability to enable customers to mix and match different bands with multiple size reflectors, Saterra meets both Government and commercial market needs for improved resiliency, Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), and cost for transportable SATCOM Terminals. AN/PRS11 is a lightweight, portable satellite receiver that enables warfighters to receive key data in various austere conditions.

Further expanding its reach, ARA has developed new products in the following areas:

  • Identification of Friend or Foe System
  • RF technologies for hypersonic applications
  • AESA antennas and products for multidomain applications
  • Innovations using additive manufacturing, inkjet printed RF products and signal management products/capabilities
  • Spiral array configurations pushing the performance envelope for Electronic Intelligent applications

The past few years have been particularly instrumental in shaping ARA’s trajectory, marked by the strategic acquisition of two small but powerful companies: AQYR in 2020 and SI2 Technologies in 2022. AQYR designs and manufactures GBS and Commercial satellite communications systems with single-pushbutton auto-acquisitioning capabilities. Their SATCOM suite of complete system products aligns with ARA’s antenna solutions for the Electronic Warfare, Law Enforcement, Military Communications, Satellite Communications and Radar Markets. SI2 Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic systems for military and government platforms constrained for space, weight, and power.

“Our continued growth and acquisition of AQYR and SI2 Technologies will enable us to expand our products and pursue new opportunities in our 60th year and beyond,” noted ARA CEO Logen Thiran.

One such opportunity is the creation of a product development-focused Technology Innovation Center that pursues innovation across the DoD and commercial market priorities while leveraging knowledge to deliver advanced technology solutions. The Technology Innovation Center will complement ARA’s existing fully staffed outdoor antenna test range and engineering staff, manufacturing lines, and machine shops at both its antenna facilities. ARA also plans to launch a suite of new communications solutions for its verticals: Military Communications, SATCOM, Electronic Warfare and Radar.

In celebration of their 60th anniversary, ARA announced the release of a new website showcasing the company’s growth from an RF communications antenna business to a C5ISR provider with cross market capabilities.