Spectrum Operations: Why is it important?

April 21, 2021
Spectrum Operations monitor the spectrum, identify, locate, and mitigate interfering signals. These activities allow operators to maintain uninterrupted systems from interfering signals and identify countermeasures to neutralize their effects.  It also ensures the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for a variety of applications. These applications and systems include communications, counter-IED, Counter-UAS, EW Enabled Cyber, Multi-Mission EW, and navigation warfare. The electromagnetic spectrum is congested with multiple networks supporting civilian and military uses.  Mobile phone networks, radios, navigation, and weapons all contribute to this congestion. With this spectrum becoming increasingly congested, the number of transmitting signals is also growing along with the chance of interfering with nearby networks. While some  interferences are unintended, purposeful interferences with the intent to disrupt the variety of systems that require this spectrum also occur. Spectrum operations is critical in understanding and managing this electromagnetic spectrum to ensure mission success. ARA-8060 Antenna The Vehicular Spectrum Operations Series of antennas are broadband monopoles designed to operate over a wide frequency range with multiple outputs to support various systems. The antennas are designed to support passive and active applications to allow the detection and mitigation of interfering signals and allows the control and management of the electromagnetic spectrum. These antennas exhibit exceptional gain in an omni-directional pattern and are designed with compliance to the strictest military specifications, to include MIL-STD-801F environmental procedure and are intended to operate in harsh environments. This series data sheet is not comprehensive of our product line and ARA can accommodate single or multiple output ports, banded or continuous frequency coverage, and various form factors and installation requirements. Please contact us today for a configuration that supports your mission and application!