Expand your Bandwidth with ARA’s Multiband Feeds

May 26, 2021

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) monitoring is vital to the performance of the global Satellite Communication (SATCOM) infrastructure. Whether you are characterizing the spectrum, mitigating the effects of interference, enforcing compliance with the government regulations, optimizing the spectrum for maximum utilization, or providing geolocation services, monitoring RFI is crucial. RFI can be monitored by examining signals and spectrum over a wide range of frequencies.

This can be done by adding multiple antennas operating in different bandwidths. However, these antenna systems come with large upfront costs, annual maintenance costs, and require more space than is often available.  

For over 55 years, ARA has been helping companies mitigate these problems by providing a single multiband feed antenna, operating across a wide range of frequencies, thereby minimizing costs and space constraints. Multiband feed antennas are the best choice for optimal performance in a small footprint.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a wide variety of Prime Focus, Offset, Gregorian, or Cassegrain multiband feeds. These multiband feeds are designed to minimize phase center movement. This design helps to better focus the feed within the reflector for optimal gain, providing the highest possible Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) and Gain to Noise-temperature ratio (G/T).

ARA’s feeds are designed, simulated, manufactured, and tested at our in-house facility at Pembroke, Massachusetts. Our testing systems meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Army Strategic Command (ARSTRAT), and other applicable standards. Our fully staffed outdoor test range at Middleborough, Massachusetts, takes testing beyond the conventional bench tests with one of the few simultaneous multi-frequency far field outdoor test ranges in the Northern United States, to ensure the quality of our products.

A few of the possible configurations of our multiband feeds are listed below.

  • L/S band dual port; Dual linear or Dual circular; Either band
  • L/S/C band 6 port; Dual circular; All bands
  • S/C/Ku band 5 port; Single linear S-band; Dual linear C/Ku-band
  • S/X band 4 port; Dual circular; Either band
  • X/Ku band 4 port; Dual circular X-band; Dual linear Ku-band
  • Ku/Ka band 4 port; Dual linear Ku-band; Dual circular Ka-band
  • L/S/K band 6 port; Dual circular; All bands
  • L/S/C/Ku 6 port; Dual linear or Dual circular L/S/C; Dual linear Ku-band

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