Precision Position Controls using ARA’s Positioner Systems

July 28, 2021

ARA offers a wide variety of positioner systems to support SATCOM and RADAR applications. These positioner systems include an antenna positioner, Antenna Control Unit (ACU), and the required cables which allow the positioner to be controlled and monitored indoors. The positioners operate with third-party antennas. In addition, ARA offers integrated solutions to include the feed, reflector, and positioner for complete turn-key requirements.

The positioners can operate in Azimuth or Azimuth and Elevation axis. These utilize an advanced digital motion control system to provide accurate, smooth, and simultaneous motion on both axes using brushless servomotors with resolvers, optional encoders, high-quality gearing, and precision mechanical components. In addition, these positioners have high load capacity and withstand extreme terrain and weather conditions.

The ACU accurately controls the positioner using a combination of custom and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) motion control components. It is designed based

Positioner on Integrated System

on a digital servo control system and separate absolute feedback devices for faster and precise positioning. The ACU has many functions and diagnostics available at the front panel interface and the optional remote interface through serial ports (RS-232 or RS-422) or Ethernet (TCP/IPv4). The front panel interface provides a simple, intuitive method for commanding the positioner. The serial ports facilitate integration with other end-user systems. Versions of these controllers have been integrated into several military systems and have been qualified to MIL-STD-810E/F, MIL-STD-461C/E for shipboard, airborne and ground-based applications.


  • High-accuracy position control
  • Reliable performance in any environment
  • High-quality finish for protection from the environment
  • Optional remote-control
  • Customization available