Active Electronically-Steered Array (AESA)

Active Electronically-Steered Array (AESA)

  • Wideband antenna and beamformer performance: ARA’s TCDA technology has been shown to work at bandwidths up to 20:1
  • Conformal design: ARA has a proven track record adapting the TCDA technology to conform to the OML of target platforms, including space-constrained situations such as the drop tank for Naval Electronic Warfare (EW) aircraft.
  • Low-cost integrated assembly: The fabrication of the TCDA employs standard Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing techniques, which significantly lowers the cost to produce the antenna array.
  • Adaptability: When combined with other beamforming technology, the wide bandwidth covered by the antenna array can be used to address many different tasks including radar, communications, intelligence gathering, and electronic warfare.


Active Electronically-Steered Array (AESA) 2-12 GHz that can be conformally integrated into the outer mold line of an attritable aircraft. ARA’s proven Tightly Coupled Dipole Array (TCDA) design can be integrated with other arrays to support Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) applications. In prior work, ARA has demonstrated arrays over operating bandwidthis of 6:1 to 20:1, including arrays designed to be conformal to the outer mold line of a drop tank for Navy aircraft. ARA’s TCDA technology can be adapted to a wide variety of airborne platforms.

There is an identified need for wideband AESAs with the ability to perform multiple missions from a single platform. This need is especially acute for attritable airborne platforms, whose tight Cost, Size, Weight, and Power (C-SWAP) constraints demand solutions that can combine
multiple capabilities into a single package without becoming a major cost driver.


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