Marine and Perimeter

ARA designs and manufactures an array of Marine RADAR and Perimeter Surveillance Antennas covering S-band and X-Band frequency ranges. Our Division in Pembroke, MA, offers these products with gains from 27 dBi to 35 dBi and with horizontal or circular polarizations. These antennas can range from 7 feet to 18 feet to accommodate customers’ specific needs.

ARA’s signature Marine RADAR Antenna Units have been in use for over 15 years and pass all environmental tests for shock, windloading, and vibration. Each unit is fully sealed and may be pressurized. Units are designed to rotate continuously at 30-60 RPM.

Beneficial features of the ARA Marine RADAR Antennas include:

  • Superior Performance Capabilities
  • Proven Design Elements
  • Environmentally Tested and Approved
  • Ability to Handle High RF Power
  • Excellent Pattern and Beamwidth
  • Very Low Side Lobe Levels


Monopulse Tracking Antennas

Several reflector antennas for RADAR, RCS measurement, telemetry and other applications are available with Monopulse tracking capability. Monopulse tracking is available for use in airborne and shipboard antenna systems. Monopulse Tracking Antennas include specially designed feeds which are sealed and can be pressurized for high power applications.

Flat Arrays and Box Horn Arrays

ARA offers several flat array antennas for high gain RADAR applications. Our unique and patented  Box Horn Arrays or BHA Series antennas are ideal for high power RADAR applications when small size is important. 

  1. RDA, BHA and BAA Series “Normal Beam” Flat Antenna Arrays These arrays provide a “Normal Beam” radiation pattern where the main beam is accurately perpendicular (normal) to the face of the array and to the rear mounting surface.
  2. TWA and TAA Series “Traveling Wave” Flat Antenna Arrays. These antennas have their main beam located at an angle to the normal position of the array aperture. The resulting radiation is polarized in the plane orthogonal to the beam tilt. TTP Series polarization rotators are available to rotate the polarization to another plane. The beam tilt changes with frequency in these arrays (useful in frequency-scanning radars and other similar applications).


ARA designs and manufactures a complete line of Weather RADAR Antenna Systems.

Antenna systems operating in C-band, X-band, S-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band are available to meet the most stringent requirements that RADAR suppliers may have.

From antenna reflectors measuring 2 feet in diameter, through our newest design that is 28 ft in diameter, ARA’s reflector antennas provide the necessary performance for the operation of a high performance radar system.

Our standard products include linear polarization, and dual polarization designs that offer high cross-polarity with low side-lobe performance, while providing maximum gain.  For example, a premium design offers side-lobe performance of -30 dB in a 4.2 meter reflector antenna at C-band.  We continue to work with our customers to design new and more efficient antennas that allow for added performance in our customer’s Weather Radar Systems.

ARA’s signature Weather RADAR Antenna Systems are integrated with our Positioners and Controllers.

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