Vehicular Communications Series

February 25, 2021


ARA designs, develops, and manufacturers a wide range of vehicle communication antennas. The Vehicular Communications Series is designed for the rugged use on vehicles and is compatible with many communication networks and their tactical radios.

This series features multiband, omnidirectional, vehicular-mounted antennas. Their gain has been tuned for -10° to 10° in elevation and azimuthal variations are ±1.5 dB.  ARA can configure an antenna for specific frequency band requirements upon request.

These antennas bolt to a standard Universal Antenna Mount or a NATO standard 4.5-inch bolt circle found on most military vehicles. The N-Type Female connectors are typically located in the base of the antenna in the center of the mount.

This antenna series is typically environmentally qualified, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS), TRL-8 (Technology Readiness Level) antenna. The rugged design is capable of passing the Oak Beam Test; this rigorous test involves 25 oak beam strikes to the midpoint of the antenna at 25 miles per hour. These antennas can be coated with a variety of materials including CARC Green/Tan or Flat Black paint.

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