Advanced Portable VSATs for Commercial SATCOM Users

AQYR Typhoon on display.

Commercial SATCOM (COMSATCOM) users such as first responders, intelligence community personnel, oil and gas mining exploration field technicians, or corporate entities requiring Continuity of Operations (CoOP) or more traditional business continuity applications, all require instant, reliable, high-speed data, voice, and video connectivity in locations where other communication infrastructure (such as 4G, 5G, or wired terrestrial infrastructure such as copper or fiber) is not available or damaged. A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a perfect choice for these types of COMSATCOM users.

For the past 15 years, AQYR has been the leading manufacturer of highly portable, 2-way auto-acquisition, single-case, ground terminals for government agencies, emergency responders, and commercial entities. AQYR has successfully delivered over one hundred Typhoon VSATs to U.S Government entities such as the U.S. Army, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), various Intelligence Agencies, NGOs, and a wide array of commercial entities directly and through its resellers. It is rugged, compact, lightweight with mil-spec quality components for quick and easy assembly and deployment. These compact terminals provide ease of transport, quick assembly, rapid acquisition, and ease of operation.

The new AQYR Typhoon 2.0, 1.0m SATCOM terminal is an upgrade to AQYR’s highly regarded Typhoon VSAT. With its improved features, AQYR Typhoon 2.0 delivers lightning-fast acquisition and consistent performance in an extremely portable configuration. It has a ruggedized form factor to support operation in harsh conditions. It also supports multiple configuration options to satisfy user needs. Every unit goes through a series of tests at our in-house facility to ensure quality and performance.

The Typhoon 2.0 VSAT is the smallest, lightest 1.0 m VSAT available on the market today. It is contained in a single, one-man lift, airline checkable, ruggedized case, with all the required accessories. The terminal is also compliant with MIL-STD-165B specifications and is modem agnostic.

AQYR Typhoon Portable VSAT Terminal on display in Germany.

AQYR Typhoon Portable VSAT Terminal on display in Germany.

The enhancements on Typhoon 2.0 VSAT includes the following:

  • Processor – The Single Board Computer (SBC) is replaced with System on Module (SoM) to provide faster processing times and faster boot time with enhanced performance.
  • Compass – The new compass is less susceptible to magnetic field interference to provide more accurate initial pointing and enabling faster acquisition.
  • GPS –The new Global Positioning System (GPS) helps for faster, reliable, and accurate Global Broadcast Service (GBS) acquisition to enable faster boot time and satellite acquisition.
  • Display – The new energy-efficient, lightweight, full-color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides a bigger, more readable, and detailed information display.
  • Webpage User Interface (UI) – The webpage UI is improved for easier navigation and provides additional operational data.

Some of the special benefits of AQYR’s new  Typhoon 2.0 VSAT are listed below.

  • Faster satellite acquisition time (< 3 min)
  • Easily readable, accurate compass for faster initial pointing and acquisition
  • Better User Experience (UX) with improved User Interface (UI) and customization options
  • Smaller form factor for easy portability
  • Highly configurable design
  • Customizable Radio Frequency (RF) reception
  • Enhanced security features

AQYRs new Typhoon 2.0 VSAT is the perfect solution to deliver high-speed data, audio, and video communications services via COMSATCOM Ku-Band services for other applications such as:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Oil and gas mining
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Distance education
  • Telemetry and Data Collection
  • Disaster management
  • Media broadcasting and newsgathering
  • Restorative communications
    • CoOP
    • Business Continuity

For additional information and specifications, please contact AQYR.