AN/PRS-11 Portable Satellite Receiver Delivers

ARA’s Laurel facility recently took over the production of AN/PRS-11, a product originally manufactured by AQYR, one of our subsidiary companies. This portable satellite receiver is used by warfighters to receive key data in various austere conditions.

Combat tough, it supports missions up to Top Secret communications for information to keep teams safe and reduce collateral damage. It’s ideal for use in low-visibility or urban terrain operations where traditional satellite dish technology is too high-profile. The lightweight unit, designed for single-person use, is portable, weighs approximately 30lbs and fits conveniently in a rucksack.

The challenge was to introduce an unfamiliar product to the team in Laurel that had thousands of parts, multiple assembly levels and government involvement and approvals.

Once our team mastered the assembly, they were able to increase the pace of production and accelerate delivery time.

Orders keep coming in and our team is hard at work to ensure that our military’s operational combat teams or individual warfighters have command center information when and where they need it most!

A huge shout-out to our team for coming together, working days, nights and weekends to get the job done! We salute you!