• Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Easy to transport, set up, and operate
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast acquisition
  • Modular design facilitates multiple configuration options
  • Capable of processing multiple 45 Msps broadcast carriers simultaneously
  • 8 hours on a single 5590 battery
  • Customizable by selecting only features you need for your mission at a lower cost
  • Proven, battle-tested
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Minimal user training required
  • Arline checkable


Originally developed under the prestigious Air Force SBIR program and recognized with a Defense Acquisition Challenge award in 2017, the KA-10A Portable Receive Suite represents a paradigm shift in battlefield communication.

Revolutionizing the way warfighters operate, this portable receive suite brings crucial command center information directly to the operational combat teams or individual warfighters where it’s needed most, its ultra-lightweight and compact design deliver essential capabilities to support full-spectrum operations with unprecedented agility and efficiency.

With rapid setup, short signal acquisition time, and a user-friendly interface, warfighters equipped with KA-10A can deliver precision strikes to the enemy while navigating through complex and unpredictable battlefield with ease.

Built with withstand the rigors of combat, this portable GBS receive suite is modular and scalable, making it adaptable for operations specific to any mission, as well as ongoing operations outside-the-wire. its low-profile design is ideal for use in low-visibility or urban terrain operations where traditional satallite dish technology would draw unwanted attention.

The KA-10A Portable Receive Suite isn’t just a piece of equipment — it’s a combat force multiplier. It not only contributes to combat team modernization, but also enhances warfighter situational awareness, enabling them to dominate terrain and emerge victorious in battles. Most importantly, it improve survivability providing unparalleled bandwidth for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and Full Motion Video (FMV) applications, utilizing cutting-edge VLC and Novra modem management softwares.

Equip your forces with the KA-10A and expereince the difference it makes on the battlefield. Domnate with precision, agility, and unmatched connectivity. Choose ARA for superior performance when it matters most.


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